Counselling Changes Lives

Are you feeling anxious, depressed or unable to talk to anyone? 

Sometimes life’s demands can become overwhelming and we need time and space to work them out.

Counselling can facilitate your development and enable you to heal through a process of self -reflection.

In this safe space, counselling can provide the environment in which you can explore what is troubling you, without the fear of judgement, or the intrusion of someone else’s opinions.

Counselling may help with some of the following issues:

Anger management



Coping mechanisms

Cultural issues


Eating disorders

Grief and loss

Identity issues

Inter-generational conflict

Panic attacks

Relationship and family problems


Self esteem and self-confidence


Work-related issues

The benefits of counselling can include increased confidence and self-esteem, an ability to cope better, clarification of confused thoughts and feelings, personal insight and the potential to move forward and grow. Because Your Life Matters.